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Wayfarer Series:

  The second of Ray-ban’s leading styles, the evergreen model has been around since its introduction in 1952. Capture the spirit of adventure with a selection of Wayfarer hiker style sunglasses, from the Original Wayfarer hiker men’s sunglasses, to the Nomad nomad for exciting road trips, and the new State Street style for sharp, street style.Compared with the cold and mysterious pilot,Wayfarer looks extra lively and interesting, with a more youthful and playful sense.

  1.Original Wayfarer Classic:

  The RB2140 collection, Wayfarer Hiker Classics, is the most recognizable model in the history of sunglasses. First introduced in 1952, Wayfarer Classics quickly became highly sought after by big names, musicians, artists and people with impeccable fashion sense. As iconic style sunglasses, the original Wayfarer Classics are always an eye-catcher. Choose from a selection of black frame Wayfarer Classics sunglasses with a variety of lens treatments including crystal green, crystal gray gradient, G-15 polarized lenses and many more. This is an everyday model for everyone, with a broader range than the Aviator.

 2.Wayfarer Statestreet:

 The Wayfarer hiker style is taking people by storm with Statestreet. The elegant square silhouette is made of acetate in a select variety of colors to create contemporary style. Just be bold and choose from a wide range of color options to wear, including solids and dual-layered colors with classic, gradient and polarized lenses. Stylish acetate temples and the Ray-Ban logo complete the overall style.

  3.New Wayfarer Series:

One of the brand’s most popular styles, the New Wayfarer is a fresh take on a 50s classic. This eye-catching acetate model is styled after the Original Wayfarer, with the same instantly recognizable shape, but with a slimmer frame and softer brow bridge for an understated, modern look with a retro twist.

New Wayfarer Classic:

The new Wayfarer Hiker Classic sunglasses feature the same iconic shape as the classic Wayfarer Hiker collection, a modified version of the Asian face shape that has long been among the top sellers on Amazon’s outdoor eyewear list in the United States. The sunglasses have been updated with a smaller frame and a slightly softer frame shape.

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